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Saturday, July 10, 2004

continuence of the blog?

Does everyone want me to keep blogging my normal life? Becuase here's the dilemma: my real life isn't as exciting as my mission. I don't have something to write home about every week, but if i do, i guess i could post it. I just need to know if you guys want me to keep going, or what.



WELL... thanks to the overwhelming majority.... seth.... the blog will stay. I guess i'll just have to figure out what real life is really like. You can join me as, i come of age in this postmodernistic world.... that sounds like a move trailer.


and i changed the blog summary. I still haven't changed anything on the right side, and i don't really want to. It kind of bums me out to take it down.

so i will someday, but not today.

and whoever reads this in thailand, let me know. cause that just freaks me out.

take it easy.

i think i'm done with life. see if anyone reads this. haha


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, keep on keepin on!

4:21 PM

Blogger bossdj said...

I say yes, because there just aren't enough ways to waste your time nowadays. Plus, I'll need to keep tabs when you're off to school. So just do it, man.

8:25 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

HI elder bennett,
This is one of your crazy followers in lakeland, hint hint well if you don't know who???? shame on you, Ha Ha
I tried calling but you are a hard working guy, I am happy to read that everything is working out, with school and work i will try to stay posted on this site. KEEP THE BLOG GOING!!!!!!
If i know a good time to call I will, still don't know who this is? I spoke to your dad he is funny like you are we miss you in lakeland .

4:36 PM


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