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Monday, June 28, 2004

not going to make any sense.

I'm going to update this blog later in the week. Friday or Saturday, probably.

Just know, my testimony is STRONG AND FIRM. I know that god lives and loves us. I know he has a plan for us. Central to this plan is his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus did things for us that we couldn't do for ourselves. I know that after Jesus died, his original church fell. This church is HIS church today. I know this. He has revealed many great truths that have been lost, like the plan of salvation, the full measure of sacrifice, as well as why we are supposed to have the church. Its amazing how much he loves us. I promise that the book of mormon is revealed scripture in these latter days. We can come closer to our heavenly father, and his son jesus christ, by living by its precepts.

cya soon,

Elder Bennett


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