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Monday, June 14, 2004

tampa bound

w00t, its monday, and that means... DUH DUH DUH..... Time for an update!

6 weeks since last transfers, and what happened this transfer? I'm outta here. Highlands is a sweet place, and i'm super bummed to be going, especially since i was only here for 6 weeks, but you know, stuff happens. I'm heading to the mission office so i can have some stability and get stuff figured out medically and the sort.

I'll type more later, but for now, i'm just going to give this temporary update.

Holy cow i love my family so incredibly much.

This week was rather uneventful. Had a couple of blessings, which are way too personal to put on my site, but needless to say they were good.

Sorry for the lacluster update, but i'm going to the mission office. Wednesday i start. I'm the new car czar. w00t to that. I'm going to not be sick anymore and i'm not going to stay inside anymore.

HOLY COW... I thought audio blogger would cost money! IT DOESNT!!! i'm going to start audio blogging throughout the week, if i can get permission. I figure since its one way, its just like sending tapes out to the whole world.

i'm in shock right now of how cool this could be!

Well, look for audio blog updates starting soon. I just gotta recharge my phone card.

holy cow, i guess lots of people look at my site. 2 people since i started.

I love elder taylor by the way, he's training. Elder Nuttal is going home, Elder Murdock is staying here.



elder bennett


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what's your new job: mission mechanic, finance, secretary, AP?....You're great on the slang, but a little light on the details that some family members might appreciate.

Wise Man

9:50 PM


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