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Monday, May 24, 2004

holy no time batman

holy, i have no time. this is just me typing to let you know i'm not dead. Thanks for the mail (amy), and i'm going to write back to everyone asap. Expect lots of letters friday/saturday/next monday.

Have fun.

elder bennett

ps the library was closed, so i'm using kinkos.

and my gmail won't open. SO... sorry bout that.



Blogger brandi said...

Hey Randall. What is up fool? Just wanted to post and say Hi. AJ, Beulah and I are all great. Braid has reunited for a tour with their re-release of their movie, so Im stoked to go see them in about a month. Check out beulah's site if you can http://beulah.textamerica.com. AJ says w00t.

1:24 AM


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