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Monday, March 22, 2004

This week was ehh.

I'm elder bennett, and this is your weekly wrap up for monday, march 22nd 2002.

sorry, practicing my journalism again.

How is everyone? I'm doing ehh... it was an ehh kind of week on the mission. I got sick 2x, from different symptoms, and my companion is leaving, so i'll expound.

#1-- Sickness!!! GWAARR!!!!

This week I forgot to take my pills, so i was out for an entire day while my body argued with me about it. So my companion had to figure out other stuff to do. Sickness the 2nd time was some heat related illness on saturday. I don't know what was up, since we were only in the sun for like 2 hours, but when we got home i drank 2 quarts of gatorade and lost 4 lbs, and still had a normal bladder cycle (dehydration at its fullest I think, but yeah.)

#2-- Transfers!!!

whoa, its transfers again! Surprise, for the 3rd transfer in a row, my companion is leaving! He's heading to St. Petersberg (pinnellas county) and he'll no doubt die** there. My new companion is elder schoenfield, so that should be cool. I don't think we'll be companions for very long (if the transfer prophesy is fulfilled, i'll let you know in 3 weeks.) but he'll have fun as a District Leader over sister missionaries in a full bike area, with less receptive people. Cape Coral frustrates me.

#3-- My ward is the best supporting ward in my mission.

I've gotten packages 3 weeks in a row from my ward. Holy cow. The Curtiss family sent me an awesome care package, and I appreciate it SOOOOOO much. Other than that, last week I didn't even get any mail, but I think i'm ok with that. Now that i've been out almost 5 months (holy poo) I really miss everyone, but I know that everyone is busy. (how bout that for a rebuke with love? =) No seriously, everyone is busy, so its totally understandable. Plus, i get a ton of new e-mail from my family and stuff, and i'm starting to forget about home.

#4-- Special Section for a couple of people

I got e-mails from a couple of friends this week, but I need your address (TESS and STEVE!) so i can mail you back. Oh yeah, and if you read this, send me a letter and say something about reading this, so i can know how many people actaully do read this.

I also added titles, so thats cool, and some other general website improvement. You can syndicate my site (if you would want to for some reason) and the sidebar has all the info. E-mail me if you need to know how to do that, but only if you want to syndicate this blog on your site. Thanks to all this website matinance (it took me an extra hour to do) sorry, i'm going to really write real letters tonight and mail them tomarrow. So, thanks to my slothfulness, everyone gets snail mail! Yay!

Thats your weekly update. From Cape Coral, Florida, I'm Randall Bennett, and I'm out.


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