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Monday, March 15, 2004

Mia Hamm totally waved at me.

so... yeah, its monday.

last week was pretty cool. On monday we went to a redsox game... against the twins, and the redsox prevailed. Aparently derek lowe's wife is a member and lives in fort myers, so for part of the game we got to sit behind home plate... in the team area. Also, i saw pedro martinez (didn't play) and Nomah' garciparra, but the cooler part is I SAW MIA HAMM!! WORLD CUP CHAMPION MIA HAMM!! we were sitting, and saw nomar and some chick walk backstage, and i was like... dude, thats mia hamm! my companion didn't believe me at first, but then when we saw her again we realized it was mia hamm! So, i yelled "Mia!!" and she looked over, and i had a look of shock on my face. Imagine a 12 year old boy at a backstreet boys concert. That was me. So in that moment of shock and amazement, she waved.... and my companion tried to look cool, but i stood there. Shocked. I couldn't believe it.

I've already worn out a pair of shoes... rockport doesn't make the best quality soles. Note to anyone going on a mission, especially to florida, you don't need dry clean only clothes, and get some doc's and insoles. I found some insoles from dr. scholls @ walmart for 10 bucks that make the doc's feel as comfortable as my rockport shoes.

I don't know who reads this, so i can't give out too much info, but i have a transfer prophesy, and i'll let everyone know if it comes true in 4 weeks.

Speaking of people who read this, i bet the davis family does. They live in my home ward in st. george, and sent me a huge package. Lots of candy, and my favorite mint Andees!!! They are the bomb. They win for best package of the year to date.

My mission is just starting to get lonley. Right now there aren't any other elders in my district (because the other set is sisters) so we're stranded on cape coral without a car. It takes 2 hours to get to fort myers on the bus, so thats not really an option, and cape coral doesn't have much else other than houses and canals.

A cool thing about cape coral though is that the ward right now is meeting in a middle school, but they're building a new building, and the ward has already outgrown it! Oh yeah, and we tracted for 24 hours this week, but only taught 2 quality discussions, so you know, the work progresses. And, so far i've lost 15 pounds in the last 6 weeks.

Happy St. Patricks day, and go pinch someone or something.


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