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Monday, March 08, 2004

Tony is gone

so.... its monday.

I say it every week, but its monday. What the heck. Missions go by soooo quickly. I'm already at 132... and I just remember just barley hitting my 100 mark. Dude... its already march. I know this sounds really cliche, but i have no sense of time. march 8th, i'm seriously shocked.

This week wasn't as bomb as every other week, but it was still on the whole pretty awesome. Lets see... tony moved... so thats no good. He was only on vacation till last thursday, and now he's back at fort campbell in kentucky, so thats not as good for me, but really good for others!

Right now its getting harder to be on a mission, i'm just praying for more success and more miracles. They're happening, and i'm thankful. Theres a passage in my patriarchal blessing that talks about heavenly father is always willing to pour out more blessings on the thankful. Thats not the reason to be thankful, but i think you get what i'm saying.

We're going to a red sox spring training game today, hopfully i can buy my brothers some cool stuff and get someone to sign it, but i know they'll probably just appreciate anything.

florida is too much like st. george, too many people trying to get in your buisness. I'm at the library typing up my stuff, and this lady comes by and says "you have too many windows open, it will lock up the computer." Dude, these computers are brand new, and besides what buisness is it of yours if I lock up the computer or not?

This is the shortest entry of the mission, but i've got to get everything done way sooner too, so i'll see ya all next week.


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