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Monday, April 26, 2004

6 month mark!

wow, the infamous 6 month mark is approaching. This thursday... its crazy! My mission has flown by so far.

We had a baptism on saturday. Oh yeah, and we didn't teach them, the sisters in cape coral did. Rita and Steve got baptized. Rita was confirmed on saturday, steve on sunday in sacrament meeting. Wow. To see the look on rita's face was priceless. She came out of the water and was smiling so big, she was so happy, it was awesome.

Lets see, what else is up... i'm a beta tester for a new e-mail service from google, so thats cool. Even when i'm on my mission, i can still beta test things, how cool is that? the answer? Really cool. I really like it already, so just e-mail me today!

I added a counter, and sorry i didn't write more.

(addendum for harold nelson)
Freaking mr. nelson, you better write me! =)


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