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Monday, March 29, 2004

5 months, and my 5th companion!

Hey yall, its monday, the 29th, and that means:

5 month mark!!

w00t. So this week was cool/annoying all in the same breath. A couple cool things happened, and some really not cool things happened.

So this week I had my first member refferal. We are teaching christine and gus, and we're teaching them at a members house. Its cool to see the ward help out in missionary work.

Then on wendesday, elder cook left and I WENT CRAZY. It took so long for elder schoenfeld to get here. Holy cow it was annoying. Elder Cook left at around 8:30 and elder schoenfeld got here at around 4:30. Annoying.

But, then on thursday i got some really awesome mail! My sister sent me some stuff, and my other friend Cassidy sent me a huge package full of andees (get the reccuring theme here? =) But, it got melted... so it now is a melted wad of andees goodness and some paper.

On friday, here's where it gets exciting folks, my companion had to go for a meeting in tampa, so I went on exchanges with another missionary. Elder Taylor is from St. George, and went to my high school, and we've hung out before. SO that was kind of weird in the first place, but we went out and worked hard. Tracted like 4 hours, delivered some medias, and visited some less active members. SO as we were heading home, we hit up 7-11 for some slurpies, and they were really good. We then went driving home, and right as i'm about to enter an intersection, i notice a guy turning left. I'm confident he wont turn, because its impossible for me to stop, and there are a bunch of cars coming right behind him. He decides to go, and I slam on my brakes, fly over the handlebars, and the worst part, dump my slurpie all over the place. I got up, inspected my injuries, and had a bunch of nice people stop, but the guy who almost hit me just sped away. My knee was hurt pretty bad, as was my elbow, but nothing too bad. A call to the mission president/mission president's wife informs me that I need to stay in on saturday. I HATE STAYING IN.

But, on the positive side of staying in, I memorized a bunch of scriptures and got a memorizing award. GO ME!

So thats the week in a nutshell. Special thanks again to Cassidy for the package, and for everyone who keeps sending me mail. Thank you so much. By the way, if you see my family, tell them how awesome they are. They deserve it.


[construction note: i started to title all my entries, but its too hard. too bad for you.]


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