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Monday, April 19, 2004

may 8th!

wow, wow wow!!!!

Everything is better than I thought! No more weird people to contend with, and we have a baptism date set firmly for miguel! May 8th!! Mark it on your calendars folks, and make sure to get your plane ticket to fort myers florida. Miguel spent sunday at church bearing his testimony to me. He heard in a dream some things about the priesthood which just totally shocked me. Miguel getting baptized is a definate plus to me being in cape coral. The irony is, its the first baptism i've had where i've taught someone, and it was off of door knocking. Door knocking baptisms are a rarity... so i'm fortunate to have my 1st "real" baptism off of door knocking.

We have president interviews today, and thats awesome. I love president interviews, because no matter how much things are looking down, every time around president interviews everything changes. All my hardest times are whenever president interviews are weeks away, so its kind of an easy way for me to tell when my favorite times will be.

Transfers are the first week in may, and i dont really have an opinion on whether i'll get transferred or not, or whether i care either way. It would be cool for miguel to get baptized while i'm here, but you know, cape coral isn't the funnest place. This baptism is the first that southern cape coral has seen in over a year. So... while i don't want to sound like a weenie, its really hard down south.

I still want to figure out some way to know how many people read this, so i might do some website upgrading. Thanks for all the support you give me. It helps me sooo much.


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