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Monday, June 07, 2004

sorry sorry everyone! A REAL UPDATE!!

OK everyone, SORRY soooo much. I apologize. Its really not my fault, but i'll take the blame anyways. I haven't written anyone in what seems like years, and is probably more accurately months, but i've got e-mail back. SO WOOT WOOT!

This week is 1337-tacular! (if you don't know, ask a nerd.)

actually this last week was a pretty terrible week as far as health goes. I was in the apartment 4 days last week. It was terrible. I've been switching all sorts of medicines, and unfortunatly they're just messing with my brain hardy-hardcore. I switched from effexor to lexapro to zoloft, all with terrible side effects. I'm thinking about just stopping it all together and starting brand spanking new again. I'd have the low tolerance for depression again, so maybe i could just hope that i'd be ok, but if not you know, the lord would help me out.

So... what i alluded to last week.


we had a baptism last monday. That was a major reason i didn't have that long to do e-mail, but it was also memorial day, so yeah. Last sunday, while i was feeling crappy, we went home a bit early (8 ish) and got this call while i was getting a blessing. This guy wanted to be baptized! He had all 6 discussions like 2 months ago, and a ward missionary was working with him, and BAM! he decided to be baptized. So, we set up the baptizimal service, i gave a talk on prophets and the importance of them in the modern days, and elder farnsworth (zl) gave a talk on the holy ghost. w00t. It was such a good feeling.

Topic #2-- skater dude

we went to a child of record's baptism a few weeks back, and he got baptized like normal. When he was getting confirmed, his dad picked a few people, and then he asked "do you want anyone else to confirm you?" he replied "I want the skater dude to."

I just laughed. This jackson kid is really rad. He just turned 8, and we ate at their house a bit ago. I saw he had a wally world skateboard, so i asked him if he wanted to go skate. He was soooooooo excited. I think i just made a new best friend, so thats kind of rad.

Topic #3-- Stalker (this time the stalker is really crazy, instead of crazy awesome)

so... i have a stalker. I told my sister sueann about it on mom's day. She originally sent me 2 dvds, barbie as repunzal, and then Agent Cody Banks. What the crap? holy random dvds to send a missionary. Then, 2 weeks ago, i got a package. 10 pounds of hershey's chocolote. It was really good feeling, but i've only talked to her on the phone 3 times. She lives in cape coral, so what ever thats all about i dont know. She's also a compulsive liar, but i don't mind. She was really nice. Now, she just needs to send me the tv show 24 on dvd.

Topic #4-- Birthday!

july 7th

that was easy.

Topic #5-- Charles!

So after my drug induced trip (see topic #6) we went that night to go visit some folks adn saw this guy who was a previous call back from knocking. He originally wasn't going to let us in, but decided to at the last moment when he saw my name was bennett. He said we shared the same last name. Pretty common last name, but you know, i'm never related to anyone since my dad's from New Jersey. Well, if i'm not related to this guy, i'll be surprised. His name is Charles P. Bennett III, and my middle name is charles. His family is from staten island/new jersey, so he's probably related to my family. My middle name is from a great grandpa or something like that, so this guy is probably a direct descendant, and now i'm trippin. He said he would come to church, but didnt, so we'll see where that goes.

Topic #6-- Drug Trip

Zoloft is satan's drug. I took it on friday, because i was perscribed to, and started trippin like i was high. I was extremely paranoid of everything, and some stupid elders were messing with me. That made me angry. And then i started crying because i was so scared. Drug trips aren't fun kids.

Topic #7-- Investigators at church

Holy investigators at church batman, we (our district) had 13 investigators yesterday. 4 discussions with a half hour of tracting last week. 2 were upper level. Go hf blessing me!

Topic #8-- Blessings

Highlands is a celestial area. The ward is great, the missionaries serving around me are great, i'm in full car, with a bomb.com apartment, i bought a guitar, things cant be much better. If they were any worse, and i was feeling this crappy, i would be one angry kid. Elder Taylor is a cool kid, he's from st. george. Elder Nuttal goes home in the middle of june, and my companion is cool too. I was in the pit of despair, and i was talking about people i love, and i said my family, amy, and then i was like "i think i love nuttal too, i don't want him to go home." In a moment of apostasy, I called Cook yesterday (elder cook) and i love cook too. Too bad this transfer all my favs are going home. Cook, gilbert, nuttal, that sucks.

I think thats about it for now, if i feel inspired i'll talk about another investigator, but ehh, i need to e-mail some folks.




june 8th-- updated the design per my parents request, black text for printing and stuff. LateR!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow dude, u sure r busy, hope you are feeling better.
my prayers are with you.
someone who believe in you.

7:26 AM


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