20... getting over life.

Monday, June 21, 2004

wow, the office!

so... its monday, and i'm happy!

oh yeah, my brother rick rules by the way.

I know its almost my birthday, but i have nothing that i want! I guess just tell people to send me money and stuff. A guitar tuner, a guitar strap, and guitar case is all i can really think of, so if any of you are enterprizing, and want to get a beloved missionary a birthday present, go for it. The day is July 7, 2004. I'll be 20.

Guitar is like the only hobby that is approved on a mission. I can pretty much play any of the simplified hymns now, and i can make up songs. I've made up one that i really like, so i'll post it on my blog someday. I wrote a bunch of songs about amy, and that makes me feel really cheezy, but they're really easy to write.

So we were at the parts department getting a car fixed, and HOLY ANNOYING LADY!!! She looked at us and was like... you're 7th day right? i said "nope." She said "mormons?" I said yeah, and she gave us a "PSSH you're retarted" look. I was like "have you talked to guys like us before?" She said she hadn't, but then started telling us how messed up our beliefs were, and why we weren't going to heaven. I bashed with her for a second, kind of in awe of how ignorant people could be. Then after i was done being disrespected, i told her our basic beliefs, and how we're not just another church. Then i asked her what her definition of being saved means. She gave me the basic borne again "accept christ as the only way for salvation." I was like "CHECK!" I'm going to heaven according to their standards. Either that, or i'm working too hard for my salvation, although i know only through the grace of christ we're saved. Nothing we can do saves us, but what we can do can help us achieve exaltation. [/end discourse]

Oh yeah, some folks want to know exactly what i do. I answer phones, i assign cars, buy and sell cars, approve oil changes, and much much more. I don't use computers that much, but i'm hoping that i can change that.

I just got a splitting headache on my right side of my head. That was random. Oh yeah, by the way does anyone know why lymph nodes would start hurting? Right under my arm pits hurts, and i'm assuming that its my lymph nodes. I'm getting a doctor for the pillz and junk, so i assume i'll ask them, but if there are any enterprizing people, let me know.

Well, thats a wrap. Love ya!


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