20... getting over life.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

so, post mission life, on my birthday

happy birthday me!

thanks me.

Today is my birthday, I'm 20. Its weird. I decided since i hadn't updated in a bit that i probably should. I know you're all on the edge of your seat now, since no one probably visits this site anymore.

I have been blessed.

Try to understand how blessed i feel. I feel like i recieved a spiritual reason to be in st. george, and now i have miracles in front of me, but i still feel like i should question. STUPID NATURAL MAN!

So, start of the list of blessings.

I have a list of blessings in my real journal, but its somewhere en route to st. george, along with my GUITAR!!! :@

anyways, back to list of blessings.

#1-- Car

I got a car on saturday. SATURDAY. i got home on FRIDAY. I prayed about whether i should buy it and junk, and i was supposed to, i think to facilitate getting on with life.

#2-- Fasting Blessings!

I fasted to know whats up last fast sunday, and i found that i'm supposed to stay here. Well, here meaning continue on with my life. I'm starting to get the spirit more strongly, just not as strongly as i had it on my mission.

#3-- Palm

My dad gave me his palm. What an awesome dad.

#4-- Celly

I got a cell phone, and its going to cost me -$100. Thats right, i get 100 bucks for getting a cell phone. Pretty rad eh?

#5-- Job @ KCSG

Kcsg called me and was like "do you want to work here?" I was like "YEAH!" "Come to work NOW!" "OK!"

I got a job, in 4 days.

what the heck.

#6-- Many more

I have so many blessings its hard to list, but i know one thing for sure. Heavenly Father loves us. Find out how much he loves you. Pray. A lot.


Elder Bennett.




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