20... getting over life.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

alright, the real update


I dig ogden now. I didn't like it when i first moved back, but thanks to an awesome house with awesome roomates, i love ogden. I have 4 roomates, and they're all unique and awesome.


Depression got worse, then got better. Now i'm on an ok swing, where i don't feel like crap every night. Its good.

Weber State News,

Finished the intro to satisfaction. Excited for the new year of awesome student news coverage.


SLC is cooler than ogden, i want to move there eventually while i'm still single. I like the whole scene there.

Martha Stewart,

she's in the slammer. Hope she doesn't drop the soap! Oh wait, not as big of a deal for girls.


ETC catergory for this week is.... I HATE DRIVING!!! Driving 30+ minutes per day will drive you nuts.

I might get a new job at INdTV.

i'll tell you more later.

For now, PEACE!

I miss my mission still, by the way.


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