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Saturday, October 02, 2004

breaking stuff

Well, it is really starting to bug me that all my crap is breaking. My computer broke a few days ago, and i just fixed it. It cost me a good $30 for a new power supply, but it could have been a lot freaking worse. I'm really really glad thats all it was.

On the job front, it looks like i might be making more money, and getting more contract jobs. The negative side? Giving up saturdays.


So i'm going to work for ESPN a couple times right now, and hopfully it will pay off. I'm going to try to work for sportswest, but we'll see how that goes.

I made the worst first impression today, i was hoping to get this dude from sports west's voicemail, but it got transferred to his cell phone and he was at the BYU game. He said it was ok, and call him on monday, but i just hope he's not like "GAAA... WHAT A TOOL!" you know?

oh well, he'll get over it. I hope I do.


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