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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fixed the Palm-o

So i hadn't talked on my blog about my extreme personal life, as in dating and relationships, until now. This girl hates me now, because... i think... she thinks i hate her, or hated her, or something. While i didn't care for something she did, recently, not anything anicient, i'm pretty much over that stuff, i didn't and don't hate her.

I broke my palm about two weeks ago.

I got a new palm in the mail yesterday, its all about the screen replacement action now. The palm i got doesn't power on, and cost me $40, so i have to take it apart (with a torx screwdriver) and put it back together. I'm just hoping i can do it right, and not break this.

PLUS, i got a cooler newer wall charger for it, that came in the package, so thats a score-a-roo.

Stats update:

Around 11 people a day visit, and about 6 have clicked ever on my banner. I get a quarter now thanks to all of you! How awesome is that?

when i see my palm screen, i'll probably be the happiest person in america.

So, i was the happiest person in america. I fixed my palm, and i am happy now.


Blogger testmonkey said...

Must show Palm screen. Writing good. Showing better. Hrmmmm... yes, yes.

10:54 PM


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