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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

christmas is already ready already

So i've figured out what i want for christmas... and its only october.

only 3 things.

1-- metroid prime 2: echoes
2-- underwear (sorry, only the folks can help me out here)
3-- money for all these conferences i need to go to (NBS and SPJ mainly.)

how cool is that?

Happy birthday to Steve Burdick. He's 21. Go kick him when you see him.... if you live in hawaii. Now kick him when you see him because he lives in hawaii.

I lost my wallet today. It kind of sucks. I'm sure its at school though, so not so worried.... yet.

Heavenly Father loves us. I love you, for reading my blog.



Blogger testmonkey said...

Christmas!!??!! Egads, I declare loudly. I have yet to dream about those delicious yet small Fun Size candy bars that I steal from costumed kids after Halloween. Mmmmm, candy.

7:53 AM


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