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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

palm update

about fixing the palm...

the screen had a few cracks, and was useless, so we peeled off the digitizer (glasstop, which i'm selling btw) and we took it in the backyard, and did what any good person would do; we shot my palm screen with bee-bees. lots and lots of beebees.

we took pictures, i'll try to post them soon.


Sunday, September 26, 2004

Fixed the Palm-o

So i hadn't talked on my blog about my extreme personal life, as in dating and relationships, until now. This girl hates me now, because... i think... she thinks i hate her, or hated her, or something. While i didn't care for something she did, recently, not anything anicient, i'm pretty much over that stuff, i didn't and don't hate her.

I broke my palm about two weeks ago.

I got a new palm in the mail yesterday, its all about the screen replacement action now. The palm i got doesn't power on, and cost me $40, so i have to take it apart (with a torx screwdriver) and put it back together. I'm just hoping i can do it right, and not break this.

PLUS, i got a cooler newer wall charger for it, that came in the package, so thats a score-a-roo.

Stats update:

Around 11 people a day visit, and about 6 have clicked ever on my banner. I get a quarter now thanks to all of you! How awesome is that?

when i see my palm screen, i'll probably be the happiest person in america.

So, i was the happiest person in america. I fixed my palm, and i am happy now.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

alright, the real update


I dig ogden now. I didn't like it when i first moved back, but thanks to an awesome house with awesome roomates, i love ogden. I have 4 roomates, and they're all unique and awesome.


Depression got worse, then got better. Now i'm on an ok swing, where i don't feel like crap every night. Its good.

Weber State News,

Finished the intro to satisfaction. Excited for the new year of awesome student news coverage.


SLC is cooler than ogden, i want to move there eventually while i'm still single. I like the whole scene there.

Martha Stewart,

she's in the slammer. Hope she doesn't drop the soap! Oh wait, not as big of a deal for girls.


ETC catergory for this week is.... I HATE DRIVING!!! Driving 30+ minutes per day will drive you nuts.

I might get a new job at INdTV.

i'll tell you more later.

For now, PEACE!

I miss my mission still, by the way.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

next update

I promise this weekend, on saturday, when i wake up, i will post on this site.

I'll talk about--

Weber State News,
Martha Stewart,

cya saturday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

backseat blog

sorry, this blog has taken a backseat since school started. I'm going to write in here really soon about whats happening, its just i don't have time.

i work 20 hours for MTC, i work 15 or more for WSN and i have 15 credit hours.

i'm busy.

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