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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Soundtrack to my life.

My life feels like a movie.

Something corporate makes it feel that way. Walking by would be a perfect song to my life. Not so much because of the words, but the feeling just feels how my movie would be if it was a movie right now. I really want to make a movie that actually means something someday, and use music like that.

the end.

Friday, February 25, 2005

DSC's new mascot


Wow, a visit to my alma mater and i'm already laughing. I especially like the requirements for picking a new mascot:

The Mascot will:

Be active, entertaining and promote a positive image.
”Make sense” to the college in as many ways as possible (institutionally, historically, culturally, economically, geographically).
Allow either a male or female inside of the costume to feel comfortable both physically and psychologically.
Not be human.
Not be related to the confederacy.

Alas, rebels no more. I was thinking of demeaning rednecks like people demean indians, in the vein of cleveland. Have a guy with a #3 hat, with one of those beer drinking extensions on the hat, and have it say "my other truck is a deere." on his shirt, and have him drive around in a 1967 mustang, rust colored, with no engine because its still "waiting to be finished." If anyone asked, he'd have to reply "its hanging in my front yard, in my tree. In 2 more paychecks, if i stop the crystal meth, i'll drop it in my car." That would be a great rebel mascot.

OH CRAP. Its human.


(update, since further investigating the page, it doesn't even have a spot for 'name.' I guess they dont need to give people credit where credit is due, so don't steal my idea.)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Bling Bling!

So i'm getting my google adsense check. Yes its for money. Yes its just barley above the minimum. Yes i'm barred from disclosing actual amounts. I'm getting it in 7-10 days. Go team. I feel good about that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mace, and i"m not talking about puff daddy neitha.

So, (STEVE) got maced. How funny is that?


(Steve) and (Girl) were talking, and (steve) was continuesly spraying (girL) with air freshener. Really really annoying. Yes.

(girl), who has been putting up with this crap and the like for a long time, says "if you don't stop, i'll mace you."

mace ensues.

Sucks for us, because we had to go outside for half an hour. Then (Steve), who won't do homework on sundays because its not keeping the sabbath day holy, unleashes a string of profanities that would put most sailors to shame at the girl. I was sitting here laughing/feeling bad for all parties, but mostly laughing.

Its just another example of what annoys me about (steve). He pretends to be one person, acts another way, and then whines about it. Annoying.

I'm sure that i'm a hypocrite in some respects, but i mean, I try my hardest to not portray the church mouse persona if I cant live up to it. I'm regular ol' me. Sometimes I curse, yes, but hey, I never claimed to be perfect. I also don't rub it in your face if I am perfect. Everytime I get a chance, i remind him that i'm doing homework on sundays so he can let me know he's not. WRONG. He just lets me know. "CONGRATULATIONS!"

Matt 6:2

Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

Yeah, not to scripturally whoop on anyone, but yeah.

Speaking of scriptural whoopings, i had an unfortunate experience today. Some jehovas witnesses came to my door, and i talked to them for 45 minutes.

"you're going to hell."

Did i feel love? no.

Why did he even try to talk to me forever. That is why I love mormons. As a missionary, they don't just say "you're going to hell!" Actually, I doubt that anyone has ever really said that. They say "you're not living up to your potential!" and then they help you work towards it. I really really miss that about my mission. Genuienly helping people. Not just making them members of our church, but doing all the little things to help them. I doubt the most influence i had was on people who got baptized. I think it was because of people who i served.

I'm tired, profound, and tired of being profound.

done and done. I'm out.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Comparing Apples and Linuxes: A look at "nerd" speech codes.

Not that anyone cares, but i'm writing my senior thesis this semester. You might be asking yourself, self? Yes self? Why isn't Randall doing a project, or a major report for a senior project? I'd answer, why of course the information he's learned over the past two years is pointless. He needs to end his collegate career with more busy work! OOOOHHH..... make sense now.

Actually, if there were a communication theroy class, and it was taught by sheree, i'd appreciate it. Unfortunatly, I get a heaping spoonful of theroy with no backing. And my senior project is another study. Yay. Just what I always wanted.

That means, yes folks, i'm studing nerds.

The current title is:
Comparing Apples and Linuxes: A look at "nerd" speech codes.

Can you tell its a play on words about apples and oranges?

I'm going to talk about nerd culture, different subsets, and give them titles. I'm excited, since its my freaking paper and I get to do whatever I want instead of a group. Pinning down the different levels of nerds should be interesting.

Go team. I'm done updating for a few days again.

PS I got screwed out of flying to reno on friday. My brother rocks for trying to get me a game in reno though. Would have been fun. I'm still flying in march though. Twice. Go ESPN.

CNN.com - White House reporter's credentials questioned - Feb 9, 2005

CNN.com - White House reporter's credentials questioned - Feb 9, 2005

So typically, this isn't news.

Thanks to some blogger, who found some racy photos and a website for "jeff gannon" slash "James Gukert" the whole blogosphere is celebrating another milestone in the march against "the man."

Basically, some really easy google searching, and some pissed off democrats led them to find out that a gay hooker was lobbing softball questions at the president.

Questions like "Do you think its hard to get anything done thanks to the liberal morons in the senate?" (not verbaitm) Basically a gay hooker had access to the west wing, and press briefings. Great.

How funny? Moderate. I'd have to call TBS on this one. Blog impact? Large.

Basically as a reporter trying to make it in the old media school, and seeing people in the old media school basically poop their pants, I'm kind of laughing. Right now, save the Dan Rathergate scandal, the blogosphere is basically assasinating the charecter of morons. The CBS story could have used a little more fact checking, as in someone could have typed the memo in MS word, but it was major. This "scandal" is basically about as profound as a supermarket tabloid. I don't care.

They made the News director at CNN step down, because he said something about the military taking aim at reporters. Great. I don't care. It was 'off the record' and its from a blogger. Who knows if its really true? No one. He's gone at any rate.

I think i'm going to have a fun time being a corporate whore journalist, and I also think that i'll have more of a legit impact than my blogging bretheren. Does that mean this blog will stay free of my reporting? no. Does that mean i'll post scoops here? Fat chance. I'm going to make some cheddar with my knowledge.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

My roomate pisses me off even more.

I don't get it. I get along with most people, but i'm really really getting pissed off at my other roomate. (steve) as i will call him. (steve) seems to whine, ALOT. He seems to be quite self centered, and is very concerned about what others think of him. Its really annoying when he lies to get approval.

Oh well, i'm sure i wont ever see him again after 3 more months.

Good riddance.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

Super Bowl Controversy, 3 days ahead of the game.

So, as work was winding down, i decided to flip on the ol' toobe, and watch some CNN headline news. 2 stories were about super bowl ads that won't air. One was a package, one was a VO. Figure that the VO was 30 seconds, at least, and the package was at least 1:30. Basically, that boils down to a story every hour, and way more exposure than they would have gotten from the superbowl. Is this a new trend in superbowl advertising?

Well, now i'm going to go. I'm really really busy, and i don't remember how to write news as well, but hey, i'll remember soon.

I'm out now. peace.

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