20... getting over life.

Saturday, April 30, 2005


So... I took my last 4 quizzes for my sales classes today, and I"M DONE WITH SCHOOL (for a week, or something ludacris like that, but i'll get my other crap done and done with soon.)

Come to my graduation if you want. Friday @ 10:30, Browning Center in Ogden.


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

End of this era

I got the graphics job, I'm moving to SLC in 4 ish days, I finished 1 online class, have 3 others ready to wrap up tomarrow, and i'm done with my senior thesis.

At this moment, i realize that this era is coming to a close.


Saturday, April 23, 2005

Hey, I found a tool finally that let's me post to blogger. Its pretty cool.

So I haven't had a chance to use a computer lately. Yesterday was my 2nd day on the job @ KSL. Its a really cool place to work, and I'm really excited about getting the chance to do what I love to do, that being TV. It seems like one of my bosses, bob brown, wants me to only be an editor, or only specialize, instead of doing lots of things well. I think, generally, its probably a good idea to specialize in one area, but when you have as spastic a personality as myself, specializing just doesn't fit. I really want to learn a lot, but everyone is warning me about getting trapped in Salt Lake City or KSL. I'm going to estimate that in 3 years, I'm done.

I'm waiting for my sister to finish her 5K that she was running, so I'll cya later. I'm really really stoked about moving!

Btw, I got an apartment in downtown for only 230! Granted, its a transformed studio / 1 bedroom, but hey, I can live with that. I think its exactly what I want. I just need some space-saving furniture.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Back Home.

Word, i'm back from NAB! It was so awesome.

Vegas was really great. I saw FIVE new video applicatoins from apple, and I got to test drive Tiger, as well as motion2, and dvd studio pro 4. I learned how to author dvds with a script, and thats pretty cool. Now I can make those audio selections menus.

Final Cut Pro 5 had some really interesting features. I REALLY liked multi-cam editing. Basically, taking a whole bunch of shots that you've recorded, and being able to switch between them on the fly. That is a really really cool feature.

Saw some really interesting switchers, saw my new editing system that i'm going to be working on from AVID, and its really all good.

I'm really (REALLY) upset with weber state news. I got messages today that sounded like "WE HATE YOU" today. Actually, that was verbatim. Apparently, since I wasn't there, and had a preplanned absence, i'm an annoying face. They didnt know how to do something, and since I didn't answer my phone, i'm a bad guy. I was sleeping, but hey, whatever. I'm pretty unhappy with them, but i'll get over it. Its really stupid. The thing is, if they were mad at me like any broadcast environment, during the newscast, that would be cool, but they were pissed at me for so long, and still might be pissed at me. STUPID. Two more shows left.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

posting out of sheer coolness

Right now i'm at the trax station at 2nd E and 4th S in SLC. I thought i'd open up this powerbook i was carrying around.

posting from free wifi!! GO TEAM!


my last post didn't go in, so now i'm at the crossroads plaza, trying to get this friggin going.

we'll test it out, see how it goes.


It worked!

now i'm trying to finish a download of incubus' music.

on another note: lets hear it for friggin gmail and hotmail for logging in securly (for us wifi folks!!!)

posting out of sheer coolness

Right now i'm at the trax station at 2nd E and 4th S in SLC. I thought i'd open up this powerbook i was carrying around.

posting from free wifi!! GO TEAM!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Guess who got his wish.

Thats me.

I work at KSL!!!!!

I'm an On-Call Video editor, so I work whenever they need me. I LOVE EDITING, especially if I get paid, so thats a plus.

Still haven't heard back on the graphics job, but hey, i should soon.

peace out.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Tips for Old People on being Student's neighbors

Please, oh please, follow these guidelines if you've got students living next door to you.

it only makes us not like you, and then its already a downward spiral.
Once again, we know it all (sarcasm) so you knowing it all makes us angry when it conflicts with our knowing it all.
Try to show your neighbors that you were there too, but without reminiscing. Just say things like "thats cool you're building a half pipe in your back yard." (we really are!)

Those three tips might help you avoid being hated by your neighbors.

the end.

Monday, April 11, 2005


Incase you're wondering, which I know you aren't, I flexed my java script skillz again, and created yet another counter. This one is school based, whereas the other was mission based. It says how long till graduation (but then I start school again....) and then how long till i finish coursework.

I'm taking 10 cr of summer classes. Not exciting. And I have to pay. Not exciting

Saturday, April 09, 2005

insomnia.... over good things.

Right now, its 6:30, on a saturday, and I'm awake. My alarm did go off, and I should be up, since i went to bed at like 10-ish. At any rate, the pertinance of this entry is my lack of ability to stay asleep once i go to sleep. I think my body is more excited about the potential jobs at KSL than I am.

Let me back up, I dont think i've written about the jobs.

So i turned in applications to work at KSL-TV in about february. Earlier this week, like monday or tuesday, I got a call that said "we're interviewing for the part time broadcast designer position you applied for."


"how bout thursday at 10:30?"


My boss at MTC said that I should talk to one of his old buddies, bob brown. I agreed, so he called bob and said how great i was right in front of me. Kind of a weird situation. He set up a meeting between us right after the first interview.

Thursday comes, I didn't get much sleep the night before, not because of nerves, but because of excitement. I interview pretty well, so i wasn't that worried. I went to KSL a bit early to grab some breakfast with my friend who is an overnight producer. She was really great, and since we kind of ran short on time, we just went to mcdonalds.

Got back, ready for an interview, met with the head of the gx department, and that was cool. She was really nice, and in our 10 minute interview (GREAT, or really scary.) she seemed pretty stoked about my skills. Basically she was astonished that I understood broadcast design. She was way shocked that I had a tape for her, and she said she was going to watch it. I hope, SO MUCH, that she watched it and was impressed with my graphics package for weber state news.

After that interview, she went and showed me around KSL, which my inside sources say is a good thing. She took me down to news, and I kind of tried to find bob brown clandestinely. Eventually, the infamous bob was found, and I introduced myself. At first, really awkward. Then, i remembered seeing his name on this florida hurricane documentary thing between conference sessions, and he did a great job. I talked to him about florida, and the sort. At the end, he told me there was an on call editor position available, so I was all on it, like blue bonnet. He told me to put my name on this official KSL-HR looking sheet that was taking about interviews.

In the long and short of it, I think I might have really got myself a job... 2x. 2 part time jobs is great when i graduate. No benefits, but better than 1 p/t that I like, and 1 that I hate.

In the realm of school, graduation is may 6 at 10:30 AM. E-mail/leave a comment if you're not familiar with where its at. I haven't got the invitations in the mail, like an idiot, but i'll try to get something together.

I've got 10 summer credits (9 classes, 1 internship for good measure), thats $1500 holmes. I wish I would have been smarter (and dumber) and taken 3 of these classes at different times (like my first semester going to school, I only took 10 credits.) but what can ya do. I've had the ideal college career, except this one extra thing. All the classes are online, so its not like its going to kill me, but still annoying never the less. I think that I'm going to try to finish them as fast as possible during the first week of school (at a public library, or something) and get them out of the way.

So i'm awake because of an SPJ conference in SLC today. Looks like it'll be quality.

This is the longest post of the last 4 months I think. Its quality too.


Sunday, April 03, 2005

Terri Schiavo, the pope, and myself

So i had heard that terri schiavo had been in this persistant state for 15 years, and I wanted to know what started it all, and I checked out her wiki.

In case you want to read the original wiki article yourself, you can.

Basically, I dont see any reason at all now why she should have lived.

She became brain dead from a cardiac arrest... and she hasn't improved in 15 years.

While i've been going through my health struggles latley, I had to get a heart scan, etc. While i was getting my heart echo test, (ultrasound) the tech informed me that his sister had a stroke 10 ish years ago, and 30% of her brain was left. She had <5% chance of surviving, and less than that of recovering. She did recover. It was possible.

Terri, however, hadn't made significant progress. Now, if its due to rehab then sue for that, but honestly if I was in the same situation, i'd have wanted to die in the early to mid ninties.

Just my $.02 that no one cares about.

RIP pope too. I mean people make pope jokes, and regardless of your religious affiliation, you can realize that he's a way better pope than ones of the earlier catholic church (RE: 1400-1800?)

life sucks, then you die. Oh well. I've got a while.

(PS) I just decided after reading the full wiki, that I hate the conservative media just as much as the liberal media. I used to be one of those people who could stand both, but now i can not stand sean hannity. I listened to him driving to and from work every once in a while, and during the schiavo situation, he implied that micheal did something, without ever mentioning bullemia, or how everything happened.


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