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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Awesome/Terrible Weekend.

This weekend was pretty sweet. Lots went down, but it also sucked really bad.

My sis and I were originally planning on going to the Howl at USU, but it costs like 18 bucks and is 2 hours north, so we x'd that idea. We went to the UofU (in slc) institute of religion dance. It was pretty lame, as a dance, but fun with the other activities... like volleyball, and they had 'the game' on a big projector.

After hitting up that, we went to dennys. a few cool occurences....

#1-- this dude invited us to go sit down and eat with them, they were just at the same dance we were.
#2-- these girls that were pretty hot tried to get my attention. I kind of played it off, but yeah.
#3-- my sister asked the girls if they thought i was hot... and they thought i was. Bonus.
#4-- the dude from #1 paid for our food. Unexpectedly awesome. We left a fatty tip for the waitier. He looked like he needed it.

So yeah, pretty cool on the whole. I hung out with my sis since friday, and it was a really awesome friggin weekend.

Tonight, i have to write a lit review for our research project in communication. I'm not so excited about that, but oh well.

Elections are tuesday... vote for... whoever does the best. I'm registered independent. I'm voting for nader, because i live in utah. If i lived elsewhere, i'd probably vote for bush. Bush has argubly more strength of charecter and realness, although his life is arguebly more silver spooned than kerry. That is kerry pre-theresa hienz.

Anywho, peace out.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

"its called reporting, you should try it sometime."

Holy funniest quote of the year.

"Its called reporting, you should try it sometime."

--Local SLC Media to MSNBC Crap producer during the whole elizabeth smart deal.


Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Stats, Rendering, and Much More

Wow. I've got a couple of stats for you all.

i'm almost up to 7 dollars on adsense. I'm averaging $.12 a day, so thats a fair amount of money i'm making. I could afford one of those "for only pennies a day" ads now. When i hit $100, i get the check. I'll let you know when this imaginary day happens.

Hits have exploded. Pageviews are up like crazy, since monday. I think thats when they approved my blog at blogexplosion, and since then my friggin hits have gone craaaazy... which has led to increased revenue! GO TEAM! Now i'm a corporate blogging whore.

Hey, if you're into sarcasm, and the sort (and you can UNDERSTAND AND APPRECIATE IT) go check out maddox. His friggin website is more popular than most corporate websites, and he doesn't have any ads on it. I think if that fool would put up some adwords, he'd make a friggin boatload. People are constantly checking it, just to see if he's posted an article in the last couple of months. He hasn't for a while, so yeah. (he goes to the U of Utah, which is funny... but yeah.)

WARNINGS: NSFW. Its blocked by websense anyway... so thats funny. Also, its the brand of comedy that makes people cringe. South park style sarcasm. He talks about how much he hated christopher reeve, (the article was written a long time ago) how much he hates movies, and much more hatred for all things pop culture. Lots of cursing and inappropriate language (while seemingly approprate for his audience, including myself.)

Maddox's Site (the best page in the universe)


Google sucks because:
i get no refferals from them.
I get 95% of refferals from yahoo/msn.

Google rules because:
I get money from adsense.

This increase in traffic has got me scared, since now i kind of have to write more often, and stay more topical.

My blog won't ever be:
a political blog... (i'm a registered independant btw, but mostly because i hate both parties equally)
a whine-fest

My blog will be:
the best one you've ever read.
post occasional photoshop/illustrator/after effects fun
give you an insight on the news industry. From graduation, to the top (of where i can go... that is.)
Complteley random topically.

I've still got some more g-mail invites (most old skool blogger users should have about 50,000) so let me know if you want one.

Thanks for the memories,


Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Breakups and the crazy people who do it over E-Mail

Want to read the weakest break up ever?

here you are:

Hello. After much contemplation I must be honest. I am almost positive that you are going to think that I am a jerk after reading this email, but I feel that I must take that risk. I feel that it will be better for the both of us in the long run. I feel like we should just cut the connection, because I know that I am not plainly going to be able to give you the attention that you deserve. You might argue otherwise, but I know that I am not going to be able to. So, please try to understand, it is getting to hard for me to deal with and to stressful and in return I know that it will be getting to hard and stressful in the world. I hope that you have a wonderful future and that you find a guy much better that I am, but considering who I am that shouldn't be to hard for you. Maybe out paths will cross somewhere down the line. I do love you, but I am sorry this is the end.




{she felt she needed to talk to her eclesiastical leader)

He had a good question: "Is he not man enough to tell you this in person or at least over the phone?" He knows (as I do) that I deserve more than an email to tell me good bye.

(YOU), there are quite a few things between us that need to be resolved, at least that is how I feel. I think that if you even cared the teensiest about me as a person (not a love interest), a friend, you would do this for me. I am going to try to have my testing center changed to Vegas, so you don't have to see me ever again if you don't want to. That's fine. I just need some resolution with you and with us (what "us" used to be). That is one of the main reasons I wanted to see you in person in two weeks. If you really want me to think you a jerk, not contacting me even one more time is the way to do it. All those letters that you wrote to me talking about how much you loved me and how much you cared about me...they all feel like they were written in jest now. They really confused me...especially now (YOU). I feel betrayed more than anything.


Wow... great rebuttal.

This is drama that the whole world needs to see.

You may feel like its ok, but DONT BREAK UP OVER E-MAIL.
My lesson: Probably don't break up when you're angry. You might say some really hurtful things... even though they seem like they make the most sense in the world at the time.
Bare minimum: Phonecall.
Bare Maximum: In person, then don't talk for a few days.

In any case, wow... i can't believe that.

BTW If you are either party reading this, let me know if you don't want it on here... because i think its a really good example of a breakup.


Google Rocking

wow, in another postworthy note,

Google's desktop search:

it rules.

Get all of google's stuff.

Leave a comment if you want a g-mail account.

Desktop search: rules
Gmail Notify: Rules


google rules.



Its a star trek VI quote. I am a nerd.

Today i almost vomited, and no, not because of age combined with drink, its because i ate a cold cookie dough shake... then in my infinite wisdom, proceeded to go to the HOT hot tub.

I got out and pretty much thought i was going to lose it.

Self control kicked in, and after much praying outside in the cold rain, i didn't vomit.

And i am glad.

You really get the highlights of my life... dont you?

Look at my blog pre july, and post july... I've gone from interesting, to hardly having a point.

I missed class again today, but thats only one time in each of my classes. I'm just not going to make it a habit.

I need to get cracking on some paper action, before i go to bed, so peace out yall.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Watch out... where you surf!

I am (have) adding (added) a thing that puts all the refferer links at the bottom of the page.

don't visit my site after visitng a porn site, because it will probably show up.

So there you go.

Also, added something to the christmas list.



13 dollars? You should buy me this dvd.

Need an address? yeah.. i guess that would help.

E-mail me.

Oh yeah, and my ADSense stopped working, but i don't know if its just cause i'm at work, or what.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

vh1 and its great programming

holy crap... vh1 has been having really great programming.

100 awesomely bad songs?

Also, surreal life. GREAT GREAT STUFF!

anywho, tangent.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

reached a new low.

So... i reached a new low in food eating... i ate pickles.

sliced pickles.

for dinner.

I bought these pickles like a month ago for a party (hamburgers). I looked in the fridge, and i haven't gone shopping due to lack of time/money, so i pulled out the pickles, and chowed down.

new low folks

right here.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Vacation day, 3 days early

So, its tuesday, and i woke up, and didn't feel 100% (i probably felt like 95%, or maybe as low as 85%) and i decided that i should stay home from classes today. Every once in a while i think its a good idea, and since advertising isn't even a major class, i could just miss it once or twice.

I'm oging to go get my brakes done, buy some food, get gas, and then go to work. All in the next... hour.... not so much. BUT i will play some games in preperation for friday's full day off! Today i could have a full day off, but i'd rather have one on friday i think.

Yeah. I rule sometimes



Friday, October 08, 2004



its a sucky thing.

especially late nights.

I hope my nephew can get over his depression... it really sucks for him.

Sometimes i just want to be like... YOU CAN HATE ME FOREVER!!!

like i'd relish if people hated me.

I just sometimes wish everyone would hate me forever.

Its really weird, and i don't quite understand.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

money woes

So now that my 1.36 is up to about 1.70, i decided to look at my real world accounts. I've got about 200 bucks before i go bankrupt.

scary... i know.

i think this is part of the life of a college student. Being broke... its fun!

Lucky thing i've got $100 in rebates coming (in six weeks...)

and my espn check.... (in six weeks)

and my bike selling on my mission... (i dont know when...)

but yeah.

I hope everything goes awesome.



If you click on my banners, i really make money. Today i made $.90. When i get $100, they send me a check. How cool is that? I don't quite get it, but you know, whatever. I'm sure that it'll all make sense in time.

I'm working on getting those photos of the palm for you, j, but my roomate has a digicam, and *gasp* the LCD is broken!!! DUH DUH DUH......

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

christmas is already ready already

So i've figured out what i want for christmas... and its only october.

only 3 things.

1-- metroid prime 2: echoes
2-- underwear (sorry, only the folks can help me out here)
3-- money for all these conferences i need to go to (NBS and SPJ mainly.)

how cool is that?

Happy birthday to Steve Burdick. He's 21. Go kick him when you see him.... if you live in hawaii. Now kick him when you see him because he lives in hawaii.

I lost my wallet today. It kind of sucks. I'm sure its at school though, so not so worried.... yet.

Heavenly Father loves us. I love you, for reading my blog.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

breaking stuff

Well, it is really starting to bug me that all my crap is breaking. My computer broke a few days ago, and i just fixed it. It cost me a good $30 for a new power supply, but it could have been a lot freaking worse. I'm really really glad thats all it was.

On the job front, it looks like i might be making more money, and getting more contract jobs. The negative side? Giving up saturdays.


So i'm going to work for ESPN a couple times right now, and hopfully it will pay off. I'm going to try to work for sportswest, but we'll see how that goes.

I made the worst first impression today, i was hoping to get this dude from sports west's voicemail, but it got transferred to his cell phone and he was at the BYU game. He said it was ok, and call him on monday, but i just hope he's not like "GAAA... WHAT A TOOL!" you know?

oh well, he'll get over it. I hope I do.

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