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Monday, June 28, 2004

not going to make any sense.

I'm going to update this blog later in the week. Friday or Saturday, probably.

Just know, my testimony is STRONG AND FIRM. I know that god lives and loves us. I know he has a plan for us. Central to this plan is his son, Jesus Christ. Jesus did things for us that we couldn't do for ourselves. I know that after Jesus died, his original church fell. This church is HIS church today. I know this. He has revealed many great truths that have been lost, like the plan of salvation, the full measure of sacrifice, as well as why we are supposed to have the church. Its amazing how much he loves us. I promise that the book of mormon is revealed scripture in these latter days. We can come closer to our heavenly father, and his son jesus christ, by living by its precepts.

cya soon,

Elder Bennett

Monday, June 21, 2004

wow, the office!

so... its monday, and i'm happy!

oh yeah, my brother rick rules by the way.

I know its almost my birthday, but i have nothing that i want! I guess just tell people to send me money and stuff. A guitar tuner, a guitar strap, and guitar case is all i can really think of, so if any of you are enterprizing, and want to get a beloved missionary a birthday present, go for it. The day is July 7, 2004. I'll be 20.

Guitar is like the only hobby that is approved on a mission. I can pretty much play any of the simplified hymns now, and i can make up songs. I've made up one that i really like, so i'll post it on my blog someday. I wrote a bunch of songs about amy, and that makes me feel really cheezy, but they're really easy to write.

So we were at the parts department getting a car fixed, and HOLY ANNOYING LADY!!! She looked at us and was like... you're 7th day right? i said "nope." She said "mormons?" I said yeah, and she gave us a "PSSH you're retarted" look. I was like "have you talked to guys like us before?" She said she hadn't, but then started telling us how messed up our beliefs were, and why we weren't going to heaven. I bashed with her for a second, kind of in awe of how ignorant people could be. Then after i was done being disrespected, i told her our basic beliefs, and how we're not just another church. Then i asked her what her definition of being saved means. She gave me the basic borne again "accept christ as the only way for salvation." I was like "CHECK!" I'm going to heaven according to their standards. Either that, or i'm working too hard for my salvation, although i know only through the grace of christ we're saved. Nothing we can do saves us, but what we can do can help us achieve exaltation. [/end discourse]

Oh yeah, some folks want to know exactly what i do. I answer phones, i assign cars, buy and sell cars, approve oil changes, and much much more. I don't use computers that much, but i'm hoping that i can change that.

I just got a splitting headache on my right side of my head. That was random. Oh yeah, by the way does anyone know why lymph nodes would start hurting? Right under my arm pits hurts, and i'm assuming that its my lymph nodes. I'm getting a doctor for the pillz and junk, so i assume i'll ask them, but if there are any enterprizing people, let me know.

Well, thats a wrap. Love ya!

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

word... mid week update

wow, 3 blog posts in a week. this is a shocking day. So, in the mission office, i'm the car czar, and that means i'm in charge of all the cars and the sort. I guess the audio blog worked and the sort, so i'll start doing updates sporatically of that.

I'm at the library, and i don't have much else to say, other than i might start e-mailing some people and stuff.

what does the word ennamored mean?

and why have i gotten like well over 50 visits in the last 2 days?

(my counter doesn't count hits, it counts unique visitors. I'm not cheezy enough to count hits.)


elder sevy and elder jensen. Elder Sevy from Ogden, UT and elder Jensen from Sandy. W00t. They rool.

I'm going to feel better.

Question: I need questions for the audio posts. I can update them from anywhere, at any time. Its just a phonecall, so thats pretty rad.

The Reason why we're at the library by the way, is because the office elders had 2 hours of p-day on monday, so that means they are doing their e-mail right now. I'm already excited to be fixing computers and stuff.

Random questions i deserve to be updated on:

#1-- Who actually reads this blog....

#2-- What is happening with KOEZ 105.1 The Disc.....

#3-- What is happening with KCSG....

#4-- Its weird that everyone's home already, and i've been out for 8 months, so who's married already....

#5-- I can always get cd's/tapes from family and friends, so if you work in a broadcast outlet and have some work you'd like to show me, go ahead and send away! Please, no music/entertainment, but like yourself on tape is cool. (for instance, CADE( AHEM ) i can hear you announcing/your posting but with no music, or KCSG... i can see the news stories in brief, but just try to make it not make me trunky. =)

please answer these questions... i would love you forever if you did. And write me if you feel inspired. I get mail 1-3 days faster now that i'm in the office. I also added a webstats thing, so maybe i'll find out who's visiting me.


Monday, June 14, 2004

Audio Post

this is an audio post - click to play

audio post

this is an audio post - click to play

tampa bound

w00t, its monday, and that means... DUH DUH DUH..... Time for an update!

6 weeks since last transfers, and what happened this transfer? I'm outta here. Highlands is a sweet place, and i'm super bummed to be going, especially since i was only here for 6 weeks, but you know, stuff happens. I'm heading to the mission office so i can have some stability and get stuff figured out medically and the sort.

I'll type more later, but for now, i'm just going to give this temporary update.

Holy cow i love my family so incredibly much.

This week was rather uneventful. Had a couple of blessings, which are way too personal to put on my site, but needless to say they were good.

Sorry for the lacluster update, but i'm going to the mission office. Wednesday i start. I'm the new car czar. w00t to that. I'm going to not be sick anymore and i'm not going to stay inside anymore.

HOLY COW... I thought audio blogger would cost money! IT DOESNT!!! i'm going to start audio blogging throughout the week, if i can get permission. I figure since its one way, its just like sending tapes out to the whole world.

i'm in shock right now of how cool this could be!

Well, look for audio blog updates starting soon. I just gotta recharge my phone card.

holy cow, i guess lots of people look at my site. 2 people since i started.

I love elder taylor by the way, he's training. Elder Nuttal is going home, Elder Murdock is staying here.



elder bennett

Monday, June 07, 2004

sorry sorry everyone! A REAL UPDATE!!

OK everyone, SORRY soooo much. I apologize. Its really not my fault, but i'll take the blame anyways. I haven't written anyone in what seems like years, and is probably more accurately months, but i've got e-mail back. SO WOOT WOOT!

This week is 1337-tacular! (if you don't know, ask a nerd.)

actually this last week was a pretty terrible week as far as health goes. I was in the apartment 4 days last week. It was terrible. I've been switching all sorts of medicines, and unfortunatly they're just messing with my brain hardy-hardcore. I switched from effexor to lexapro to zoloft, all with terrible side effects. I'm thinking about just stopping it all together and starting brand spanking new again. I'd have the low tolerance for depression again, so maybe i could just hope that i'd be ok, but if not you know, the lord would help me out.

So... what i alluded to last week.


we had a baptism last monday. That was a major reason i didn't have that long to do e-mail, but it was also memorial day, so yeah. Last sunday, while i was feeling crappy, we went home a bit early (8 ish) and got this call while i was getting a blessing. This guy wanted to be baptized! He had all 6 discussions like 2 months ago, and a ward missionary was working with him, and BAM! he decided to be baptized. So, we set up the baptizimal service, i gave a talk on prophets and the importance of them in the modern days, and elder farnsworth (zl) gave a talk on the holy ghost. w00t. It was such a good feeling.

Topic #2-- skater dude

we went to a child of record's baptism a few weeks back, and he got baptized like normal. When he was getting confirmed, his dad picked a few people, and then he asked "do you want anyone else to confirm you?" he replied "I want the skater dude to."

I just laughed. This jackson kid is really rad. He just turned 8, and we ate at their house a bit ago. I saw he had a wally world skateboard, so i asked him if he wanted to go skate. He was soooooooo excited. I think i just made a new best friend, so thats kind of rad.

Topic #3-- Stalker (this time the stalker is really crazy, instead of crazy awesome)

so... i have a stalker. I told my sister sueann about it on mom's day. She originally sent me 2 dvds, barbie as repunzal, and then Agent Cody Banks. What the crap? holy random dvds to send a missionary. Then, 2 weeks ago, i got a package. 10 pounds of hershey's chocolote. It was really good feeling, but i've only talked to her on the phone 3 times. She lives in cape coral, so what ever thats all about i dont know. She's also a compulsive liar, but i don't mind. She was really nice. Now, she just needs to send me the tv show 24 on dvd.

Topic #4-- Birthday!

july 7th

that was easy.

Topic #5-- Charles!

So after my drug induced trip (see topic #6) we went that night to go visit some folks adn saw this guy who was a previous call back from knocking. He originally wasn't going to let us in, but decided to at the last moment when he saw my name was bennett. He said we shared the same last name. Pretty common last name, but you know, i'm never related to anyone since my dad's from New Jersey. Well, if i'm not related to this guy, i'll be surprised. His name is Charles P. Bennett III, and my middle name is charles. His family is from staten island/new jersey, so he's probably related to my family. My middle name is from a great grandpa or something like that, so this guy is probably a direct descendant, and now i'm trippin. He said he would come to church, but didnt, so we'll see where that goes.

Topic #6-- Drug Trip

Zoloft is satan's drug. I took it on friday, because i was perscribed to, and started trippin like i was high. I was extremely paranoid of everything, and some stupid elders were messing with me. That made me angry. And then i started crying because i was so scared. Drug trips aren't fun kids.

Topic #7-- Investigators at church

Holy investigators at church batman, we (our district) had 13 investigators yesterday. 4 discussions with a half hour of tracting last week. 2 were upper level. Go hf blessing me!

Topic #8-- Blessings

Highlands is a celestial area. The ward is great, the missionaries serving around me are great, i'm in full car, with a bomb.com apartment, i bought a guitar, things cant be much better. If they were any worse, and i was feeling this crappy, i would be one angry kid. Elder Taylor is a cool kid, he's from st. george. Elder Nuttal goes home in the middle of june, and my companion is cool too. I was in the pit of despair, and i was talking about people i love, and i said my family, amy, and then i was like "i think i love nuttal too, i don't want him to go home." In a moment of apostasy, I called Cook yesterday (elder cook) and i love cook too. Too bad this transfer all my favs are going home. Cook, gilbert, nuttal, that sucks.

I think thats about it for now, if i feel inspired i'll talk about another investigator, but ehh, i need to e-mail some folks.




june 8th-- updated the design per my parents request, black text for printing and stuff. LateR!!

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