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Saturday, January 29, 2005

brain damage.

Yesterday was a fun day, I drove to provo, drove home today, etc. It was really fun because it was real chill, and i just had fun in a new city.

Provo sucks still though. I don't like the feeling of groupthink that is in provo. I don't know if its legit, but thats what i feel like when i'm there.

This morning, I checked my phone, and I had a voicemail. Checked it, and it was Jim from ESPN. He's going to get me 2 tournaments, and i'm going to fly there. I'm pretty stoked about that. I think he likes me, so thats cool.

Anywho, i'm super frustrated with a roomate, but mainly because he doesn't think of anyone but himself. He whines a lot too. Really annoying. No one here needs to hear you whine.

My cool roomate is in aspen at the x-games, and i'm glad i didn't go, because i would be really tired right now, and cold.

yeah, anywho, yeah.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

we've all been duped.

So... today i found out that this TV ratings thing I did was market research.

That was it.

They bought some crappy TV shows that no one knows about, and have been showing them for (at least) 6 years.


so, that leads me to believe, that yes, it is just market research, as I had suspected.

They still owe me two bags fulla crap, so i'm going to call them and demand it.

---- post calll ----

So they said that basically "the person that used to give that crap out got fired." in so many words, so they're trying to catch everyone up. The lady said she would go look up my name on the computer, and call me back tomarrow with an ETA of.... tihs is where it gets cool... CHECKS! She said that instead of giving me crap, they're going to give me money. How cool is that? Instead of 2 shavers, and 2 of everything else, i'm going to get 2 checks. Sweet! I told the lady that i had won twice, and she was like "well, good thing we gave you checks so you can go gamble now with that kind of luck!" Funny stuff.


I estimate that the vaule is around $200 each, so thats $400 bones. Hmm... a new mac mini is 479... but i'm in debt 800...

decisions decisions.

By the way, thanks to readers like you, I've eclipsed the point on google adsense where I get paid. So thats some more money coming in, and i've still got a check from that weber state game i worked coming in, so thats bam.

I might actually be doing something right. I really think i'm getting hooked up something fierce, and I'm not quite sure why.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cool night, dumb roomates.

I think my sister and I are blessed with dumb roomates. Her new roomates are really crazy. Crazy like not good crazy. My roomate is annoying roomate. He friggin takes my chapstick before i've used it and molests it with his lips. Gross.

Anywho, last nights party was awesome. It was 'invite only' which means we spent 45 minutes in the cold waiting, untill security went and rushed us in the back entrance. We saw tyreese, John Singleton (who by the way, can't dance at all), anthony anderson, and I think i saw ludacris there (uncorroberated, it was across the room, and i think he would have gotten on stage if he was really there.) At any rate, we saw Rob Schnieder outside, and that was cool, so yeah. There was sundance.

Its pretty cool to --#1-- get in an invite only party and #2-- be only 20 and get in. Free drinks all around, but i didn't drink, but yeah.

And for those who think invite only parties are for beautiful people only, you're completley wrong. NO SINGLE HOT GIRLS in there at all, and the ones that were there had boyfriends or looked slutty. At any rate, ugly people can party down. They had not only dancing to hip-hop, they even had everquest 2 stations set up, along with a ps2 wall, and some good ol' texas hold-em poker.

Earlier in the day, I worked at the UofU doing the scoreboard, so that was fairly neat. It was a fun game, and I did well, so that was cool. Then i rode trax to the library to wait for the driving situation to clear up, so that was kind of fun. I don't get how they make money off of trax, because no one has to buy tickets. I have a ed-pass, so its not like i was in trouble anyway, but yeah.

The library was fun, I read an interesting book, that i posted about yesterday (i just remembered, so this is kind of a pointless recap) but yeah.

I got my check in the mail yesterday for 35 bucks.

Life is good.

UPDATE: I confirmed that I saw Wilmer Valdaramma (from that 70s show). I thought I saw him, but then I found out from other friends that he was out our party.

Go team.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

today is good.

Today is a good day. I think its a reward for doing well spiritually, or something. My life is getting really cool, and thats really cool. I'm really really excited to move out of the 'doldrums' of life and move into a better phase.

I'm really going to graduate in summer. I know i've written about it before, but its just so important to me, and i'm so excited for it. That makes 3 semesters total that i've had to pay for school, but i'm ok with that. 3 out of 8 is better than 50% (38% of semesters paid).

I had a stats guy that was really on the ball today, so that was cool. The game went well, and solidified in my mind that andrew bogut is going to be someone in the NBA. He had 18 points when UNM had 18. He alone was beating UNM in rebounds, and in points (he ended the game beating them in rebounds still.)

Tonight i'm going to Sundance, to a celebrity party. I'm pretty friggin psyched about it, and i'm really hoping that i'll see someone cool. I could have worked it, but I really didn't want to, since I just barley worked. Its kind of like taking a vacation for a few hours, and the party i'm going to should be of the hizzle. I wonder if they'll get mad because i'm wearing a dress up shirt, dress up pants, and then friggin chuck taylors? I forgot my shoes, so yeah, needless to say thats what i'm wearing.

I'm pretty stoked overall on today. Go today. I'm going to go ride trax back to my car parked at the U and go visit some more sites in slc. I'm at the library right now, its pretty rad. I love having free bus and trax passes.

BTW: What the freak is Shkeva Bijeljina? It was on the back of a car. I haven't googled it yet, but i'm leaving the library now, so thats not really an option.

Book from the library: Matthew R Kerbel's "If it bleeds, it leads." (shut up grammar nazis about the capitalization) Its a great sarcastic look at the world of TV news. I read 20 pages, and thought it was pretty interesting.


ESPN & Graduation

I'm leaving to work for the U of Utah basketball, its on ESPN, so watch. I'm the scoreboard person.

Anyway, also:

I"M GRADUATING THIS SEMEsTER (walking this semester)

i'm techincally graduating in summer (12cr summer). But yeah.

go team.

Thursday, January 20, 2005


So a couple of things

#1-- Its almost 10 am and i'm still not getting ready.
Since I dropped all my classes yesterday, I don't have to get ready for my 10am bore-fest.
#2-- Thats ok!
Also, all my classes are online, which should be pretty interesting to say the least.
#3-- i hate holding on hold for hold holders.
I had to call WSU's computing support like 6 times, leave a message, and call again. They only have 1 technician i think, and thats annoying for those of us who have screwed up techincal issues. I think it was my friend gale, who gave me my first story 2 years ago. She's in charge of campus databases, and when the SQL slammer hit, she was going crazy.
#4-- My online classes are screwed up
Since #1 happened, none of my online classes have shown up on my class list for online classes. Class.
#5-- I hope that i don't get ephed.
I'm really hoping that they fix it. They said if i check within a half an hour, that i would be good, but you know, if it doesnt change, uhoh.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Quicktime awesomeness

I know i've talked about my friend J before, but this movie is awesome.

heli.mov (video/quicktime Object)

Its j in a helicopter over my hometown. There was a lot of flooding recently, and he got to shoot it.

cool stuff.


I've got a headache. I'm over stressing.

I switched minors to sales and service technology. Its all online, and i hear its easy. w00t.

i'll write more later.

done with the bane of existance

I switched minors today.

If you're in the multimedia department, and you read this, read this:

Those were the worst classes i've ever had. I already did 3 assignments for one, just to entertain myself during class.

Advice: Don't take classes in stuff you're already good at. Its just murder.

Friday, January 14, 2005

This post brought to you by the word RENDER, and MUX.

So its like 7pm MST and i'm still at work. I got here (late) at 3PM. I've been working on a dvd for a while, but its just about wrapped up.

So i figured out why my blog is going to be interesting again:

I'm going to start reporting again.

Wow... something relevant to talk about? Amaaazin' fruit!

Actually, i'll predicate it with this first post in the new era of the b-lizzog.

The power of the press is great, and so is being in school. Its really easy for me to talk to more important people now. The words "I'm with TV News" combined with "its a student broadcast" have people willing to talk! I was working on an interview with one of my favorite writers, maddox, but unfortunatly it fell through. My next interview? Project Honeypot .

Project Honeypot is yet another effort in the war on unsolicited e-mail. Their aim? To stop 'spyders' from crawling the internet, and harvesting anything that has an @ sign in it. They developed an application (well, more accuratly a script) that generates websites with e-mail addresses. These addresses re-direct to project honeypot, and any robot that vists these sites is marked as a potential spammer.

Does the effort work? I'll find out when I interview one of the founders, Ben Dahl. He's from SLC ironically enough.

My writing has improved immensely, since i re-figured out how to write broadcast style again. I think i'm starting to even dream in conversational broadcast style now.

My dvd finished, its pretty cool looking, and I did all the menus and everything. I'm burning two more test copies to make sure its ok.

First week of classes results:

Suck. I hate multimedia. I know they're going to read this blog, but I think they hate having me in class as much as I hate it. They probably think i'm a (insert favorite demeaning word here), and i'm just screwing off in their classes, which is partly true, but there really isn't anything they can do about it. I've used photoshop since i was in 10th grade, dreamweaver since version 1-2 (9th grade?) I started programming my own personal geocities site (when i was 12) so its not like i'm new at this. Its really frustrating because it feels like they're wasting my time, but i don't know how they could change it.

Anywho, yeah. I'm going to try and wrap up this project. Peace.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

multimedia -- helping me update my blog

Everyday of my multimedia classes makes me want to slash my wrists.

Lost of conflicting information:

"html can't center stuff."

Last time i checked (center) (with alligators) still worked.

html 4.0 anyone? actually, html 2.0?

i hate this soooooo bad.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Multimedia: A minor that makes me angry

So, i was trying to figure out what my minor was, and as you can tell by the title, i chose.


AKA: "Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign for retards."

This is driving me insane. At least at Dixie State College, their multimedia program is challenging for everyone. Their projects stress design elements as well as program mastery.

I'm in class, so i should go, but just know I'm hating this semester.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Lets Talk Rebate

I bought a phone from LetsTalk.com on my birthday (july 7... start counting down!) They offered me $100 in rebates. $50 from T-Mobile, and $50 from themselves. So, I filled out my rebate forms, and waited patiently for october to roll around (I needed a 2nd month bill from t-mo before they would process it.) Beginning of October, I file my rebate. I got my t-mo fairly quickly (before novemeber was over) but was still waiting on my letstalk.com one. Yesterday, i decided to call. I got an automated response, to check my rebate status.

I checked it, and mysteriously, today i got an e-mail saying "your rebate claim has been finished. We're mailing you a check tomarrow."

Now i'm not one to be a conspiricy theroist, but i'm pretty sure that if i would have just forgot about it, i would have never gotten my money. Ever.

Moral of the story: If you're going to buy using rebates, make sure that you keep up on them.

The End.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

charles is gone

My roomate charles, whom i'm pretty close with, left today. He moved.

We had the biggest TV ever.

Its gone.

Oh well, i'm sure we'll be able to round up another good big tv. Until then, i'm going to move my tv out to the living room. Its a sad day when we replace our 60+" tv with a 30>.

Oh well. I'm going to miss charles, we were really close at the beginning of the year, and it kind of sucked because he has depression, so he started to just kind of hang out with himself, but we still did some fun stuff.

I got my scholarship check today! W00t!! 563 bucks towards tires, and getting out of debt! Its all school related...

go me!

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Gates Nose-Dives at CES

Ok, just for my nerd friends,

here is a torrent for today's most awesome ces presentation. In it, yet again, windows crashed while bill gates was giving a presentation. This time, the BSOD resulted from memory errors, instead of plugging in a USB scanner.

Yeah, its that awesome.

Business 2.0 :: Online Article :: Future Boy :: Whither Apple, Google, Blogs, and DVRs

Business 2.0 :: Online Article :: Future Boy :: Whither Apple, Google, Blogs, and DVRs: "4. Blogs go mainstream, and podcasting catches on. More and more blogs will join mainstream media as a source of daily information for millions of people, especially as nontechie Web surfers figure out how to tap into RSS feeds and collect all of their favorite blogs in one place. The more sophisticated bloggers will add audio commentary and become podcasters, producing daily Web radio shows that listeners can download to their computers and iPods. The first video podcasts will appear. Some bloggers and podcasters may even figure out how to make money."

So yeah, blogs are going mainstream, and I'm making money off of it. My 2004 blog was/is so 2005.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

fairly well designed

As i was surfing on blog explosion today, i noticed something.

Blogs rarely have poor design.

Maybe its the 'cookie cutter' nature of blogs, or the ease of blogging with blogger, but in either case, its good for the internet.

Maybe bloggers don't design their own stuff because:
A) Rather Focus on Content
B) Don't want to waste time
C) Actually like the designs
d) all of the above?

I'm leaning towards B, but you know i could be wrong.

My friend nathan is experimenting with CSS, and has done a pretty bang up job with some stuff, here's his site.

One of my friends who I admire, and think his design work is great, is my friend J. J is an interesting charecter, because he's a good designer, as well as a great writer, shooter, and as far as I know, a good editor. J never updates his blog. Shame on J. I think he reads this, so UPDATE YOUR BLOG! GET PISSED OFF ABOUT SOMETHING!

I might have bought a blackberry, but also might not have. If I was going to, i'd buy the Blackberry 7230, that works with t-mobile. They run around $125. Do i have $125? No.... well... maybe. I've been breaking down my finances, and here's the nondescript version:

For starters, i'm in debt. (negative = ---)
When I get back I have a paycheck waiting. (++)
Unfortunatly, its a half paycheck. (-)
I also have an ESPN check waiting from the BYU v Utah game (+) and the Utes won the fiesta bowl (+ for good measure)
I have a tire bill coming up. Its $300 (--)
I've got a scholarship check coming! (+)
and other random espn/google checks coming! (+)

so weighing it out... i am even steven. Just like Jerry. I might start working towards aquiring a certain fruit flavored PDA.

Let me know if your PDA rocks, and could rock for under $125.


I just thought of a plus.... I won two bags full of crap at this TV ratings thing. I probably should have written about it, so here it is. I watched two shows, one that should have been on telemundo around 3 am, and the other ready for primetime. Mingled in with these ratings dynamos, was a whole lot of overt market research. There were 6 prizes to win. Basically, you fill out this book full of crap you like, then give it to someone, they put it in a big pile, and someone draws. I voluenteered to draw first, and i picked 3 names. The first two were great, but the last one even greater... MY OWN!! BAM! I won a bag of crap. Later on in the night, we did the same thing. Someone else picked. First two were on my row, the 3rd was me!!! BAM!!! another bag of crap!

When i get home we'll see if i actually got my bag fulla crap, or if they've delayed shipping it to me.

1 bag full of crap is cool, but two bags?! Unbelievable.

Game. Plusses. Can I interest you in some pancakes? I think i won some of those.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

missing some stuff.

I really really really really really really miss my palm zire 71. I need to get a new PDA like whoa, and its really annoying to rely on technology. I'm looking at the palm treo (any model, really) and the RIM Blackberry, as well as the t-mobile sidekick. Phone pda combos are looking really attractive for me right now. Anywho, if you know about a cheap pda, let me know.

Why do i love you..... but i still love technology..... always and forever.

I love napoleon dynamite.

Sorry i'm a bit random today, but yeah, its jan 1 2005!

new years of awesome... sorta

So, I decided i wanted new years eve not to suck, so i did what i could. I got the best dj in southern utah to play first night. My party was pretty good, other than the crappy stupid middle schoolers who frequented it. I got everyone hyped and that was pretty cool.

Anywho, i'll write more later.

DJ Lex, the only dj in southern utah i respect/trust, used to listen to my radio show on 105.1. Weird. Someone credible actually listened.

I don't believe it.

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