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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Graduation and the Work Force.

the 80-20 rule of job satisfaction.

Wow. Insightful and interesting. Poynter.org is my favorite journalistic resource.

About reporting, there are 5 jobs i'm looking at right now. One in Kennewick, WA, Butte, MT, Gainesville, FL, Sherman, TX, and one in Binghamton, NY. If you've heard/lived in any of these places, leave some comments for me.

All of them are one-man-band shows. I'll be the shooter, editor, and reporter. I dont mind though, its what i've been doing for the past two years anyway, but harder. If I can survive 'graduate school' (the period of time from small market to a good market) then i'll be happy. All these stations have contracts for two years, just like a mormon mission, so thats pretty cool.

I really really want to leave utah, but not leave. I like doing the ESPN thing, but unfortunatly, I doubt any of these towns have stops on ESPN's radar.

Regardless, i'll have fun either way.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Frickin IIIIdiot.

SO...... I'm an idiot.

I made approx 200 VHS dubs. (Less than that have this defect, but its still bad.)

1 in 7 videos is just recorded tv.

The problem is, I was recording through one of our machines that has a TV tuner, and I forgot to change the input to channel l-1, so it recorded channel 2.

When someone looks for their latest in MTC news, they might get an episode of dr. phil.

Luckily, most of the videos went to multiple video places (ie, most recieve 3 vhs, 1 dvd.) Hopfully, none of the videos that i sent out yesterday to a single video (1,1) place had channel 2.


I'm an idiot.
Thats what you get for being an inexperienced intern. Rookie mistake.

Health Update

So i got a call from the hospital today, they said to come in for testing or some junk on saturday (MRI). Right now i almost hope they find something that would help them understand what is wrong with me. I feel fine now, but why didn't i feel fine, and what if i die.

oh well. I'll get over it.

I had a presentation in a class today, and i rocked it. Everyone likes the idea of speech codes in nerds. I'll keep you updated.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Nerologists, mistrust of medicine, jazz game, irony, and hot girl.

I started off the day with a trip to the neurologist, who let me know ($25 dollars later) that there wasn't anything wrong with me. So it was a waste of time. I regret it. From there I went to work, then to my other work.

So today, i worked a jazz game. I was the bug operator (scoreboard operator). Problems with the bug were rampant, and might or might not have been my fault, but i fixed it in time for gametime. Gametime started, and i pulled up my chair, watched the game, and made sure it didn't break.

The fun part? I watched the game with this girl from SLC who was pretty hot. She and I had interesting conversation throughout the game, so that was pretty cool. She was a PA, so she just sat around too.

The end? I got her number. Cool.

Funny parts about the game? How i got the job. My brother and I decided that they weren't going to call me ever, unless we took the matters in to our own hands. My brother decided to hold off canceling the gig (he had something planned) until the last second and say that his brother could replace him. We'll see if it worked. His original excuse was that his kid cut his head open and had to go to the er.

His kid did end up going to the er.

Weird huh? It wasn't for a cut, but for a swollen hand and foot. Very weird.

His kid stood up like a champ. They had to do blood work, and he didn't even flinch. What a pimp.

Pray for brandon.

I'm an anti-doctite.

So i went to the neurologist today, and he looked at me for like 30 seconds, said "i don't think anything is wrong" and let me go.

It costs at least $15.

I think it costs more.

Basically i dont have any faith in doctors. They haven't ever been able to say "this is exactly whats wrong with you."

So, if i get sick, i dont know if i'll actually go to the doctor's office again.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


Holy crap, i need some homework help. help me out.

i'll elaborate later.

Friday, March 18, 2005

I'm a happy person today.

Latley (as you've noticed) I've had a lack of updates. I think thats (in part) because i'm depressed. I think today I shook depression again. Go me. I woke up this morning with a renewed sense of vigor, and the first time i've felt well rested in a while. With that said, i'm still not happy.

I really am starting to hate my job, because of (LOOKING GLASS SELF THEORY ALERT!!!) the way I think my coworkers feel. I think i'm not doing a good job, and they're not giving me as many stories. I'm pretty excited to finish up the internship because I suck at this. Not editing videos (although i'm not as confident as I once was,) at writing (I know i'm good at that,) or at mograph design (i'm ok at it, but I really think I've got a shot at getting hired at ksl,) no no, its corporate environment. I decided today that I can't handle it. I can't handle the power struggle. TV News is a little different in that most people don't strive for management. Most people strive to be the ones on the floor, out doing things that get noticed.

I'm thinking, strongly, about working for ESPN when I graduate. I'm thinking about travelling a lot, and making pretty good money (to pay for an apartment where I don't live.) As of right now, i'm self sufficient. That is good. I don't have to beg my parents for money at all, until the medical bills start rolling in. I can afford to live where I live. I'm ok with my job. I want to get out of here and do news.

My dreams --
Reporter on CNN within 10 years.
(or) Anchor on local news in the same timeframe.
(or) MoGraph on ESPN
(or) a pro snowboarder/surfer/skateboarder/basketball player
(or) good speller

Short term reality--

#2-- Get a job at (Local TV station) doing anything.
#3-- Move to SLC.
#4-- Burn out on dreams.
#5-- Accept reality.

You now know some intimate details about myself. Notice that dating isn't even on the list, much less getting married, buying a house, having a better car, or a computer that roxx0rs. Its not even on my radar.

For a 20-year-old, I think way too much. Where were you when you were 20 (21, you infamous mormons)? Was it where you wanted to be? Did you feel fulfilled in life? Am I moving through life too quickly?

Comment if you wish.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

i hate eeg.

Its about 3:30, and I just woke up.

3:30 pm.

I had to do an EEG test this morning at 8AM. The caveat? Less than 4 hours of sleep. If you know me, and I think you do, I really really like to get 8 hours straight. Otherwise, i'm super groggy and confused.

Today i'm supr groggy and confused, and I still have to go to work to finish stupid whats happening (my segment). I guess I could just go in tomarrow and finish it, but I dont know if i want to... so 'im going to decide by 3:45 after consulting some folks.

I went to bed at 9am.
thats 6 hours of sleep. I could normally do that, but i'm so tired i'm stoned basically. I'm going to call and see if I cant just go in tomarrow at 7:30 (i'm sure i'll be able to wake up early) and then i'd have 4 hours to write the script. I think I can do it. Its only like 20 sentances at the most.

My chest hurts when I breathe.

SO wanna hear some funny info about an eeg? If you've had a seizure (like I have) then the first thing they think of when you're not healthy is seizure related electrical activity in your brain.

Today, they tried to induce a seizure.

I figured it out when they're like "breathe funny." I had a hard time not laughing. Then I asked "this is to try to induce a seizure isn't it?"


I had an even harder time not laughing. Its like 8:15, and I haven't slept in 24 hours officially. It was fun times. They shoved all these electrodes to my skull and rocked them.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

reno trip

The trip to reno.... ahhh... in case you havent heard, i've been working for espn for a while (since october) and they flew me out to the wac championship! How rad is that? I thought it was pretty cool.

I left on saturday morning, and props to vicki/kent for helping me out so much this week (with that crazy talk and all). Got on the plane, blah blah blah, and landed, tried to get my rental car (i'm 20) to no avail. The people that flew in with me (the others on the espn crew) gave me a ride. That was cool.

We stayed at the peppermill, which happens to be the cheeziest casino of all time. Totally cliche of old times. Too many neons, mirrors, etc. The rooms were nice though, so that was cool.

Friday afternoon, took a cab to the game for setup, and it was friggin $13 dollars! Pretty jacked up huh? Stupid cabs. Set up for 3 hours, with some worry about my bug's status (the bug is the scoreboard in the corner, and i run it.), it crashed like an hour before tip, so that was pretty nerve wracking. Got up and running, and nailed the game. I made maybe 2 mistakes, but they were insignificant (a 2 i heard/thought was a 3 and I missed a free throw, but then added it after they missed the 2nd). They said I did well. The show went ok, kind of some miss communication, but thats what happens.

All in all it was fun, not any extra-curricular fun, but just fun.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I talk funny now.

So... basically, I started talking really funny yesterday while i was on the phone with my sister. I started having difficulties getting words out quickly, and it was driving me insane. Now, today, its kind of back, but not anywhere near as bad as before. I'm really really glad.

It makes me nervous to have issues like this. I'm not dying, but its like i want to be really close to everyone around me now. Anywho, i'm not going to go to class because i don't want to look like an ass, and i'm going to go home and try to get my paper done maybe. I'm really not happy about this, so yeah we'll see what I do.

Anywho, i'll catcha lata!

Monday, March 07, 2005

I hate 50 cent.

Modbee.com | The Modesto Bee

Yeah, 50 cent is as fake as a 3 dollar bill.

He challenges all these rappers for no reason. Its just nonsense. Its a marketing plan, and nothing more. Super lame.

At least kanye west is still cool, so are the black eyed peas, and dont forget q-tip.


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