20... getting over life.

Monday, May 31, 2004

sorry, memorial day

memorial day = no library again.

no library = no entry in blog.

20 cents a minute is expensive on the computer.

so... this is all you get.

coming up next week...

shotgun baptism
"i want the skater dude to confirm me"
stalker sends more presents
my birthday is coming up
i miss you all!

love ya,

elder bennett

Monday, May 24, 2004

holy no time batman

holy, i have no time. this is just me typing to let you know i'm not dead. Thanks for the mail (amy), and i'm going to write back to everyone asap. Expect lots of letters friday/saturday/next monday.

Have fun.

elder bennett

ps the library was closed, so i'm using kinkos.

and my gmail won't open. SO... sorry bout that.


Monday, May 17, 2004

holy productive week batman!

Hey hey hey, how is everyone? I'm doing super rad. Today is a great day, and i'm glad to be writing in my blog today.

Highlands is of the heezy fo sheezy. The ward seems semi fired up about missionary work, and there are a lot of cool members in the ward. They seem like they "get" the whole being a member thing.

So... i bought a guitar! w00t! Last tuesday, i found it at a pawn shop for 99 bucks, and its a pretty good one. Its a johnson, and the strings feel right, so i figure it cant be that much of a peice of guitar. Now i need tabs and the sort, so if you've got any, send them my way.

What else indeed, i'm going to update more in just a sec when i think about the week. Oh yeah, this website design isn't mine, but its a template. I added some personalizations to it to make it work better, and i redid the right column and stuff, so yeah, i can't take too much credit for that.

So we had zone conference on friday. I love zone conference. We had 51 confirmations last month. thats a new record. BUT WHATS EVEN A BIGGER RECORD... 36 off of door finding. The missionaries in this mission are working so hard, and right now they're doing it alone. 5 member refferals last month. We need to shift focus off of door finding and to more productive methods of finding people to teach.

The Mystery illness is leaving. I don't know whats wrong with me, but i don't feel as tired anymore. My companion gave me a blessing, and since then i've felt better. The healing power of the priesthood in action. Don't ask me why, but i've always been scared to get blessings. Probably because of my oldest sister and what not, but you know, the priesthood is here to be used. I used to feel weak when i would ask for blessings, but now i feel privelaged.

So i suck at writing everyone. I haven't written anyone since i got to highlands, and now i need everyone's new addresses for the summer. I need a couple things specifically.
#1--Current address
#2--dates you'll stay at this address
#3--when you're going back to school

Go ahead and e-mail me those things if you want a letter, and i'm more than likely to write you. I feel bad, and deservedly so. I get e-mails from family, and from some other folks, whom i appreciate for writing, so i'll work hard on sending you guys some letters this upcoming week, or whenever i get your informaion. If you want a guarenteed letter, write me, i promise i'll write back. I still owe amy a letter, so when you read this amy, i want to send you a letter and a tape, so make sure that you get me your address asap. On a side note, i'll send more tapes out too, since i've got a wonderful guitar.

Jessica got baptized on saturday! W00t! it was awesome to see her get baptized. She's been going to church for around a year, so it was cool for her to finally take the plunge. I confirmed her, and its cool because i completly forgot the confirmation prayer. I just sat there for like 30 seconds and then all of the sudden the spirit took over.

my family rules. I love them so. The mertlich mob, the becketts, rick and wendy, ryan and tonya, SUE-freaking-ANN, and of course my parents. They all rule so much.

this morning we went and played tennis with some 77-86 year olds. It was superbly slow, but relatevly fun. I enjoyed it at least.

Oh yeah, last but not least, i am almost out of money this month. I'm such a moron when it comes to money management sometimes. this month, i just spent it on random crap, so next month (well, 11 days) i'll do so much better with that bling bling.

Add comments that ask questions if you want any particulars answered. This mammoth update makes up for all the other crappy ones i've done for the past couple weeks. Like I owe you people something... pssh. =)

Love you all!

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

My bad... week

holy cow it looks different now. I'm still working on (re)adding my trunky meter and stuff, but you get the picture right now.

Yesterday was indeed mothers day, and in honor, i got to call some people and stuff. It was a fun day. I love my family so much.

I'm going to get a guitar today, hopfully, and use it as some sort of stress reliever. I'm looking forward to writing songs that will get my aggression out... ok, just kidding.

I'm going to write more, but this is the temporary update.

Ok, actually, this is the real update, and i'm sorry i didn't write more. I love you all, next week i promise a better update.

The high and low of it--

High-- Highlands is the bomb. I'm getting a guitar. My new companion is awesome. Elder Taylor, from st. george, is also in my district (i see him at least 2x a week).

Low-- Still dont know whats with the tiredness, but it'll go away no doubt.

UPDATE--MAY 11th!!!

got my blood taken last friday, and the test results are back... i'm normal. They don't really know whats wrong with me, but whatever. Now, because i'm psycho (actually because of my medication) they're sending me to another doctor. Whatever...

Love you all, and enjoy the new website. PLEASE USE THE COMMENTS!! That way i can hear a little bit from everyone! Make sure to leave your name, just as my good friend kyle did, so that i know who you are. new counter too!

Monday, May 03, 2004

transferreed..... back to polk county!

Soo.... i'm going back to polk county. Highlands, to be exact. Its really in lakeland, which borders my old area of auburndale.

Miguel is getting baptized, next saturday, so i'll be gone... but oh well, you know everything works in mysterious ways.

I'm way tired, and i don't know why, but i think everything might be improving once they figure out why.

I'm excited, because my new apartment will spoil me. 2 bathrooms, a washer and dryer, full car, etc etc... its awesome.

My new companion sounds cool, so thats cool. Elder Murdock from Texas, so he might live around that girl from weber state, amy.

i'll write more, i'm just on a tight schedule. Sisters were late picking us up (by half an hour) and i'm supposed to be at the fort myers church in 5 minutes. Impossible.

If you want a google e-mail account, let me know, i've got 2 to give away!

And on a side note, holy cow 53 visitors since last monday!

Love you all, and peace! Oh yeah, and e-mail me at my new address! Its awesome!

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