20... getting over life.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

wow, all the nerves are gone. That was amazing. I am officially set apart as a full time missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. I'm not going to see anyone who is reading this for two years, i love you all, but i'm out.

by the way, i won't be logging in to MSN for a long time, my mom will be. Hence, why my name will be "elder bennett's mother"


the church is true.

i'm the luckiest kid ever, in america, or anywhere. My life doesn't suck. How cool of a realization is that? My mom might possibly edit my posts, which would make me upset, but its understandable. Today (er, yesterday i guess) was the last day i get to stay up late, and i came to the realization my life will never be the same, and i'm glad. Everything in my life is amazing, and on the up and up. My voice is coming back, and i'm leaving for the mtc on wednesday. w00t.

1st corinthian's chapter 8 is short and awesome. "someone who thinks he knows everything, doesn't know anything." in so many words.

thought i'd share.

Sunday, October 26, 2003

My throat.... i hate it. I had my talk in sacrement meeting, and i had no voice. That was funny, because i never have lost my voice before, but yeah.

Elder Randall Charles Bennett
Florida Tampa Mission
Provo Missionary Training Center
2005 N 900 E
provo, UT 84604

Elder Randall Charles Bennett
Florida Tampa Mission
13153 N Dale Mabry Ste 109
Tampa, FL 36618

notice how provo isn't capitalized.... hehehehe.

anyways.... peace.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

2003 Channel One News: A Disruption of the Educational Environment

ok.... i was going to work for channel one last year, and i saw this website. PEOPLE HATE CHANNEL ONE! what the crap? its an OK news program, mingled with a bunch of commercials. Its a win-win to me, even with the commercialization of schools. I just dont get the big problem. It made me want to buy some more products, yes, so i don't really care, i learned a lot from it. I also thought it was funny that they would put tv's in the classroom, and take them away if you didn't watch channel one. What does channel one care if you're watching or not? the advertisers are oblivious to that fact, so you still get the money from counting my high school. Anyways, i just thought that was funny.

my friend doesn't know her left from her right, so i'm going to help.
<------------ Left Right ------------------->
ok i'm going to do my best to recap what today is like. I'm leaving in a week (adjusted my countdown to make more sense) so i'm going to try and do the cultural zeitgeist of the moment. Here we go:

oh yeah, last movie that came out was Scary Movie 3

[google's information]

Week Ending
October 20, 2003

Top 10 Gaining Queries
Week Ending Oct. 20, 2003

1. texas chainsaw massacre

2. steve bartman

3. aero lloyd

4. max payne 2

5. yankees

6. david blaine

7. california lottery

8. halloween costume ideas

9. pumpkin carving

10. bosses day

Top 10 Declining Queries
Week Ending Oct. 20, 2003

1. california recall

2. rugby world cup

3. arnold schwarzenegger

4. riazor blues

5. shirin ebadi

6. derren brown

7. loft story

8. dido

9. jan stephenson

10. ghettopoly

September 03's zeitgeist
October 03's zeitgeist

[note that those links will be broken untill archived, and right now only september's is up, so i'm assuming the links will work in the future.]

My current homepages:
http://www.[something].com/[something] (a blog that i don't want to reveal, but will make sense to some people.)

current web browser:
http://www.mozilla.org/firebird [version 0.7]

current favorite game:
xiii (thirteen for PC)

last movies to come out that i want to see but cant:
kill bill
the matrix: revolutions
maybe the texas chainsaw massacre, but a lot less than kill bill and TMR
and LOTR: ROTK [lord of the rings: return of the king]

Albums that just came out or are coming out that i want to listen to:
Ludacris - Chicken and Beer
The Strokes - room on fire
thursday - signals in the air?? (i think thats the name)

billboard stats:
#1 -- Ludacris, Chicken*N*Beer
#2 -- OutKast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
but since i don't listen to any other albums in the top 10, i'll just pretend they don't exist.
bad boy's Da Band is a notable addition, but nothing to spectacular

ahh living in st. george really makes you out of the modern rock loop, since there isn't a real good radio station to play any of that, not that i'm in the loop without a car in northern utah, but yeah you get the idea.

the last song i downloaded: Planet rock by paul oakenfold/afrikaa bambaataa.
other notable downloads:
the white stripes - the hardest button to button
b spears - some song... about music, featuring madonna
iTunes for Windows

Speaking of iTunes... i'm looking forward to getting the highest end mac that is out right now, in 2 years for half or less the price. Not to mention an iPod, a gamecube, maybe an xbox, just not ever a ps2.

i wanted to figure out how to upload a picture, so if you want to see it, click on rate it.

OH YEAH!!! if you want to be cool, and read another sweet blog, that is about music/movies/games/ other media that i'm missing while on my mission, then go to http://dextr0us.blogspot.com/ and i'll figure out some way to get you on the list. HURRY because i'm going to leave it up to my friends to figure out who can post and the sort.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003

so 2 more things

#1: i slept till 10:00, again 7:30, "screw that", sleep till 10:00.

thats all.

Monday, October 20, 2003

So 2 things.

#1: 8 days until I leave on my mission

Holy fricking crap, that is awesome!

#2: i slept till 11:30 today, just for fun.

weird, i was like "its 8:30, screw that" and i slept till 11:30.

and #b: i'm going to bed at 10:30[pm] every day minus wednesday, and i'm waking up at 6:30 .

i know thats 3 but its funny.

sotd (songs of the day) the strokes - room on fire [new album!]

Monday, October 13, 2003

so right now i'm listening to the Queen's of the Stone Age - go with the flow, and i really think i should make a video. I'm really in the mood to make a movie with this song as the back drop, because its a way rad song. I bought my mission clothes today, and it was cool. Last week i was really feeling depressed, because i wasn't feeling productive in any of my endevaours. I stopped working for the TV station today [kcec], and it was an OK experience, but no where as good as WSU [weber state university]! I still work at the other tv station [KCSG] and thats going good for me. I get paid, kind of crappily, but i do fun stuff. You ever seen those bottom bars on TV networks? thats what i'm doing. I'm implementing a program that can go out to the internet and get current information. It works ok, but the software is crappily written, and thats why they have entire departments devoted just to this one peice of crap software. Friends don't let TV station owners buy Chyron. Just messing around with Effects Deko, from pinnacle, it seems like a better peice of software all around.

Oh yeah, shout outs to my brothers, they both rock for different reasons. My brother rick is SOOOO freaking awesome. I think that if we weren't related, and we were closer to the same age, we'd probably hang out anyways. He is so genuine and genuienly interested in things that i'm doing, and has a geniune love for me. I didn't know how true this was untill last year when i went to WSU. He really helped me out a ton. My other brother, Ryan, is pretty rad as well. He works in california, so i don't get to see him as much, but you know, i understand. Everytime i talk to him, i'm excited, because its a rarity, but i really like him a lot. He works for KSBY, the Santa Barbara/San Luis Obispo [market 117 i think] affilate for NBC in the area. He works as a sportscaster, so thats pretty cool. I hope i can do as well as him in the industry.

Shout outs to my sistas!!!!! SHAUNA!!! w00t. she's exactly 20 years and 2 months (and 10 days i think) older than me, so its easy for me to remember her age (notice how i'm not putting it here, so you can figure it out.) she just had another baby boy, and i get to see him in 2 weeks or so, so thats cool. She's a really good mom, and a really strong person overall, and i look up to her a lot. My sister SueAnn is 2+ years older than me, but sometimes i hear that i'm older than her (because i'm fat and uglier) so we're obviously the closest since we grew up together. I had the raddest time this summer, because me and my sis hung out a ton, and my only friends were her friends, so it was pretty awesome. We went for spring break this year too, and I HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY ENTIRE LIFE THIS SPRING BREAK. I am not even joking at all, it was so awesome. Then there is the hardest topic to talk about, and thats my other sister sherilynn. She died when i was in 9th grade, and its pretty hard to talk about. She was such an awesome person, and i still have the best relationship with her husband, Kent, and his new wife Vicki, as well as her kids, and vicki's kids. I really think that its awesome how everything worked out, but i just wish it wouldn't have had to work out at all. It really strengthened my spiritual convictions, and the sort, so it indirectly insured me going on a mission.

This is the most in depth article you get from me, until you pay me.


right now i'm having an ethical dillemma. Should i:
A) give full disclosure to everyone, therefore ruining my site possibly
b) give only limited people disclosure
c) invent another blog and use it as a venting blog.

i'm saying C, but i donno. I like everyone knowing what i'm thinking, but i dont think its a good idea at the same time.

BUT --

i already have another blog, its called dextr0us.blogspot.com

YOU can help too! i need to know what music/movie/games/ other stuff is cool so that when i come back i have a good reference sheet.


Saturday, October 04, 2003

October 3!!!!!! OCTOBER 3!!!!!

ok enough...


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